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Our services
Integral Control

We provide all the quality and quantity control services required in the chain so that our clients manage and operate efficiently, dynamically and sustainably.

Quality Control

Sampling and quality analysis for raw materials and finished products at the forestry sector.

We carry out all types of sampling and analysis to determine the quality of the material, both physical and chemical, for the pulpable forest sector, agricultural forestry for the biomass sector, as well as biofuels analysis.
Quantity Control

We provide quantity control services at various stages of the chain, such as:

  • Standing forest inventories, piles of logs, biomass and chips.
  • Reception and dispatch in ports, plants and gathering places.
  • Consumption in plants and industrial complexes.
Quality management system

Development, Implementation and Audit of Quality Management Systems tailored to the client.

Which allows continuous improvement based on solid, consistent and measured indicators by an external and expert body, providing the necessary transparency to achieve an alignment between the parties Which allows the generation of Value and its distribution in a clear and fair.

We train and advise companies and government agencies on project evaluations, standards development and control systems along the chain, as well as focusing on the optimization of the forest chain and biomass.

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