More than 30 years working together with the main forestry companies
John O’Ryan Surveyors is a Chilean company that controls and certifies quality and quantity of both raw materials and finished products. With more than 40 years of experience, we have provided sampling, analysis and certification services to leading companies in industries as diverse as mining, manufacturing, agriculture and forestry, being this last, the main market for our company in the last 30 years.

Quality Control

Sampling and quality analysis for raw materials and products at the forestry sector (Pulpwood,Biomass, Biofuels, Saw Wood, among others).

Quantity Control

We provide quantity control services at different stages of the supply chain woodchip and biomass production such as: recepction and consumption at mill, power plants, ports; stock determination of logs, woodchips and biomass; certification at the exportation, among others.

Management Systems

Development, Implementation and Audit of Quality Management Systems based on specifics customer requirement.


Consultancies in topics related to biomass and solid biofuels, pulp wood, logistic efficiency, chipper efficiency, among others.

"Governments, NGOs, companies and individuals that will improve world´s future are those that considers ethics, efficiency, knowledge, balance and sustainability as the basis for achie-ving progress and overall success. Our company’s goal is, every day, be the best partner of them to accom-plish these goals"

Rodrigo O´Ryan Blaitt


12 abril, 2018

Gerente General de Nuestra Compañía, participa en Cena Anual de las ERNC en Calidad de Presidente de AChBIOM

El pasado martes 10 de Abril, se efectúo en Casa Piedra, a Cena Anual ACERA 2018, organizada por la Asociación Chilena de Energías Renovables- ACERA. Por […]
2 abril, 2018

Guía del GIZ para Chile: “Calderas y Quemadores a Biomasa para Autoconsumo”

El documento “Calderas y Quemadores a Biomasa para Autoconsumo”, elaborado por el GIZ de Alemania y NAMA Facility, por encargo de entidades gubernamentales de Chile y […]
12 diciembre, 2017

GIZ desarrolla Video Explicativo sobre los Centros Logísticos y Distribución de Biomasa

Vídeo sobre características y beneficios que presenta  un Centro Logístico y Distribución de Biomasa Un claro y didáctico vídeo ha desarrollado el Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale […]