"Governments, NGOs, companies and individuals that will improve world´s future are those that considers ethics, efficiency, knowledge, balance and sustainability as the basis for achieving progress and overall success.

Our company's goal is, every day, be the best partner of them to accomplish these goals..."

Rodrigo O´Ryan Blaitt,
John O’Ryan Surveyors CEO

Our Company

John O’Ryan Surveyors is a Chilean company that controls and certifies quality and quantity of both raw materials and finished products. With more than 40 years of experience, we have provided sampling, analysis and certification services to leading companies in industries as diverse as mining, manufacturing, agriculture and forestry, being this last, the main market for our company in the last 30 years.

Quality Policy

John O’Ryan Surveyors Quality Policy is based on being constantly alert to our customer’s requirements regarding quality control practices, quantity and certification of product and raw materials. It also aims at innovating by developing new alternative services which will contribute to satisfy our Customers needs and optimize their activity through a continuous improvement of our systems.

To accomplish this, our Company will be constantly focus in having highly technical skilled personnel and will adequately administrate the neces-sary resources to ensure the quality level supplied to the Customer.


In 1970, John O’Ryan Rocuant, founder of our company, joined Corporación del Cobre de Chile (Chilean Copper Corporation), CODELCO, which at the time had just been founded. Mr O’Ryan was in charge of creating the department responsible for controlling non refined copper exports and its sub products in Chile as well as overseas.

Later on, he decided to associate himself with British entrepreneurs with the purpose of creating and developing an international certification and supervision company. This partnership went on for years and lasted until 1986.

There in after, and challenged to always grow and work with the highest standards, he chooses to continue with the company independently.


“Leaders in certification in the forestry sector in Latin America”

  • Pulp wood control and certification since 1986.
  • More than 285 million of Tons controlled through the forest supply and productive chain.
  • More than 2.400 shipments of wood chips certified since 1986 (More than 120 million of Tons).
  • More than 25 millions of Tons of chips and biomass controlled during year 2016.
  • Certification and Consultancies in the forestry and biomass sector, carried out in countries such as Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Spain and Japan.

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